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Piano Piano Café was founded 2013

As a team work of Piano Piano Café , we aim at promoting the foodstuff industry through our new dishes.

We introduce that suit the Egyptian taste and integrate between different cultures, by merging different Oriental and western recipes to make new dishes that are a fusion of the Eastern and the Western tastes with the overwhelming Egyptian touch.

upcoming event

Ramadan Nights


JUN 2016

07 pm

Join with us for a joyful Ramadan
Enjoy for 30 Nights Join now..

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best and quality food available

Piano Piano Café offers free wifi

Enjoy free high-speed wifi. Simply click on Piano wifi and ask any of our staff for login details. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming and downloads as much as you want...

Enjoy the Classical Egyptian Shisha

Enjoy classically styled hookah pipes which are handmade in Egypt. Each hookah features a metal stem, a glass base, and a clay bowl.

We have valet parking facilities

Piano Piano Café provides its customers with valet parking facilities that contribute to a positive overall dining experience. This way you don't have to waste time looking for a parking space...

Piano Piano Café also provides home deliveries

Our home delivery service allows you to order your favorite foods so that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home, best for beating the traffic...

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best and quality food available

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